Application for two year phase in of tax increases for those whose assessment increases are greater than 25%

Please see below for a message from Paul Feiner regarding the two year phase  in of assessment increases. Earlier this week the Greenburgh Town Board voted to authorize a two year phase in of tax increases for property owners who will experience an assessment increase that is greater than 25%. The phase in was authorized by the New York State Legislature (thanks to Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti) and was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The application and instructions appear below. Please note that property owners who wish to file must submit the application to the Assessor no later than September 15, 2016.

Paul Feiner

Residential Reassessment Exemption Application

This application is being submitted to determine if property owner is entitled to the assessment exemption described in the amended New York State Tax Law section 485-S. Deadline to file: Sept 15, 2016

Owner’s Name: ______________________________________________ Parcel ID: _______________________

Assessor’s Office

177 Hillside Ave.

Greenburgh, NY 10607

(914) 989-1520

Any additional owners, please list below (#4).

Property Location: ______________________________________________ Zip Code: _____________________

Please check the box that best answers the question:

1. Is the difference between the equalized 2015 Assessment and the 2016 Assessment greater than 25%? Yes No

a. Percentage changed _______________% (see instruction sheet on back)

2. Is this property a one, two, or three family home? Yes No

3. Is this your primary residence? Yes No

4. Are all owners residing at this location? Yes No

If “no”, please explain: __________________________________________________________________________________


5. Are you currently receiving the STAR exemption or credit? Yes No

If “no”, please explain:__________________________________________________________________________________.

6. Are all property taxes paid as of 5/1/16 (taxable status date)? Yes No If “yes”, please provide signature(s) of Receiver / Treasurer.

Town Receiver (For County, Town, and School): ______________________________________________________________


Village Treasurer (For Irvington or Ardsley properties only):____________________________________________________


7. Have you filed a grievance for the 2016 assessment year? Yes No

8. Has there been improvements to your property since the date of purchase? Yes No If “Yes”, please explain:


Acknowledgement: By signing this application you confirm that all provided answers are accurate and complete. By signing and submitting this application you also agree to the following:

a. The property may require an interior inspection.

b. The property must have an original or substitute Certificate of Occupancy. (Please provide documentation).

c. The exemption, if granted, cannot be transferred to new owner.

d. The exemption is not applicable if assessed value increase was due, in part, to physical improvements.

________________________________________________ Date: ___________________Phone #:____________________________

Owner’s Signature Notarized (only one owner is necessary)

State of _____________ County of_______________________. Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) before me this ________________ day of ______________________, 20_____. By ________________________________________ personally known ______ OR produced identification ______ Type of identification produced ____________________________________ ______________________________________________ My Commission Expires _________________________

Notary Name Here. Notary Public




Please provide the following:


2015 Assessed Value 1__9,500_______________

divide line 1 by .0309 2 9,500/.0309 = 307,443 (2015 Equalized Assessed Value)

2016 Equalized Assessed Value 3__455,000_____________

subtract line 3 by line 2 4 455,000-307,443=147,557

divide line 4 by line 3 147,557/455,000=32.43%

 A document that shows your home has an original or substitute Certificate of Occupancy.

o (This information can be obtained from your local building department in the form of a C.O., Temp C.O., Pre-date letter, etc.)

 Signature of the Town Receiver of Taxes, on appropriate line of application, to confirm that your County/Town/School taxes are current (as of 5-1-16), and Signature of Village Treasurer (ONLY if property is located in the Village of Ardsley or Irvington), on appropriate line of application, to confirm Village taxes are current (as of 5-1-16).

o Town Tax Receiver Anne Povella (914) 989-1550 177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY 10607

o Ardsley Treasurer Marion DeMaio (914) 693-1550 507 Ashford Ave Ardsley, NY 10502

o Irvington Treasurer Brenda M. Jeselnik (914) 591-7070 85 Main St., Irvington, NY 10533

 Your notarized signature

o There will be NO opportunity to get your signature notarized at Town or Village Halls (You can find a notary public in most banks, post offices, law offices, or other various businesses).

 Applications must only be submitted to the following:

Town of Greenburgh

Assessor’s Office

177 Hillside Avenue

Greenburgh, NY 10607


(including all supporting documentation)

 Approval/Denial letters will be sent no later than December 1, 2016.

 Contact Assessor’s Office with any questions at (914) 989-1520.

For Office Use Only

1, 2, or 3 family STAR Home C.O. Open bldg. permits Taxes current Purchased prior 5/1/16

Assessor’s signature:____________________________________________ Date:____________________ Approved

2015 Eq AV:___________________ 2016 AV:____________________ __________% change Denied